Life with Koji Anywhere Anytime

Kojiron since 2019

run by Yuko Ronda ‘ron’

Welcome to Kojiron’s page!

Kojiron is not about making and producing all the Koji related Authentic products (Miso, Shoyu/soy sauce, Sake, Mirin, Amazake and more). Kojiron offers various workshops to instruct you how to make your own traditional Japanese condiments (Miso, Shoyu, Mirin, etc), Bodaimoto Doburoku, as well as Koji.

♾ Koji is endlessly an enjoyable field

For making Miso, only three ingredients are needed: soybeans, Koji and salt. They are mixed together ferment and age. Thanks to your hand work, Koji and microorganisms will work together to turn into delicious miso.

Kojiron is there for you to get you started with Koji. Koji makes you and your family life healthier and simple. You will become conscious that we and microorganisms are all closely connected.

At Kojiron’s workshop, you will not only learn the processes, but also the basic principles that will enable you to make your homemade things. You will also have the chance to enjoy a variety of homemade products or simple Japanese home lunch.

Life with Koji anywhere anytime.
This is my motto.

About Yuko Ronda “ron”

I was born in 1976 and grew up in Haccho Miso area of Japan.
Played as a catcher in one of the 5 best high school softball team.
From 24 years old, lived in Australia for 7 years.
Met my Italian husband in Kyoto, married and moved to Baden in Switzerland in 2013.

– Certified Koji Instructor (Nakaji’s Koji Akademy) 2019
– Miso Sommelier 2019
– Registered Nurse (Japan and Australia)
– now “Nurse Kojiron”
– Baby massage instructor

Enjoying to visit Koji specialist, professionals and artists from all around the world. In February 2020, I stayed Miyamoto Kojiten (Koji maker) for about two weeks. The more I learn, less I know about Koji. Keep learning.

As a Japanese, I would like to introduce Authentic Koji products and culture to local people in Switzerland. I also would like to focus on passing down our tradition to Japanese people and people with Japanese background.

I believe that Koji can improve the lifestyle of people, and save the planet.