• Orders
  • Payment
  • Shipping
  • How long it takes
  • Additional notice
1. filling the order form, click items. If you need the same products more than 1, please write in the comment space.
2. You will receive an order confirmation email. If you do not hear from Kojiron for more than 5 days, please send directly an email direct to contact@kojiron.com or call +41-76-221-6333
3. Once you payment is confirmed and products are all ready, we will dispatch the order, or pick up in Baden.
You can choose to pay by cash in Baden, TWINT, or money transfer
4. Once your order is dispatched, you will be notified by email. So you know that your order is on the way.
Chose the payment method from the following
◉ Cash in person
◉ Money transfer

When you fill the order form, you can chose and click the way you would like to pay.
Payment should be done before shipping.
◉ A-post (priority) including packing and handling fee
—–up to 2kg CHF 10
—–up to 10kg CHF 15
—–< 10kg CHF 25
—–up to 2kg CHF 20
—–up to 10kg CHF 25
—–< 10kg CHF 30

Please be aware that the post DOES NOT guarantee A-post (priority)100% delivery next working day.
If you would like to make sure, chose Express post with extra fee.
◉ Shipping cost for books
up to 1kg: CHF 5
◉ collect @ Kojiron in Moeriken AG
Koji is made once we get orders unless we have stocks.

Depending on workshop schedules and events, it might take while to make and send your Koji order.
During summer holiday and hot season, It is not ideal to ship fresh Koji products.
Therefore, Kojiron might decline your order unless it is collected in Baden.
Miso and Koji are all naturally fermented and authentically made.
Therefore they taste different every time, but still tasty. It is like wine.
Enjoy the natural flavor!! ^^
For Packing, Kojiron recycles boxes and paper bags.
It does not look gorgeous, but it has a friendly looks and my affection inside.