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Koji workshop

– Koji Workshop Course Outline –

Rice Koji making takes at least 3 days, and this is a 3 days course
※ this course is conducted in English

◎ What is Koji
◎ Why Make Koji
◎ Koji Mycelium and Enzymes
◎ Necessary Items and Tool Selection for Koji Making
◎ Koji Making Process: Rice Selection, Washing, Soaking, Draining, Steaming to Final Drying, and Storage Demonstration
◎ Temperature and Humidity in Koji Making
◎ Temperature and Enzyme Production
◎ About Fresh and Dried Koji
◎ Uses of Koji
◎ Types of Koji Spores
◎ Koji Making and Contamination by Unwanted Microorganisms
◎ Koji Storage Methods, etc.

Reccomended for
This workshop is designed for anyone with a keen interest in the art of Koji making. Participants will gain hands-on experience, a deep understanding of the Koji-making process, and the knowledge to create their own Koji at home. It is perfect for:
☆ Those who want to master the art of making Koji
☆ Those who want to observe and deeply understand the Koji-making process
☆ Those who have made Koji before but want to learn different methods
☆ Those who think making Koji sounds fun and want to try it!
☆ Those who want to promote the use of miso in Switzerland!
☆ Those who want to create various products with Koji
☆ Those who someday want to try making Koji with different grains
☆ Those who enjoy learning in a relaxed environment with direct communication with the instructor

This workshop is ideal for those who enjoy hands-on learning and a relaxed, interactive environment. It may not be the best fit for:
★ Those who prefer listening to formal academic lectures and sessions
★ Those who require a strictly sterile and antibacterial environment
★ Those who are not particularly interested in the workshop’s theme

3days Course (2 consecutive days)
Day 1: 11th June, 10am – 3pm including 1 hour lunch break (my kids are with us for lunch)
Day 2: 12th June, 9am – 12pm 
Dat 3: 22nd June, 10am – 2pm

1day course is very intense and quite challenging for whom never made Koji before.
2days course, you will see each day’s process more in detail.
3days course, you will surely get into the Koji world and be able to make your own Koji at home.

Course fee
・CHF 850 for group
・CHF 1650 for private
・Online follow-up (6 months): CHF 120

– コースについて –


◎麹の保存方法 などなど




1日目: 4時間
2日目: 3時間
3日目: 4時間

Koji workshop
11 - 22nd June
@Kojiron in Möriken
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